2020 Futures Conference Overview

Changing the Legal Ecosystem: Together...We Can Do This!

At the College of Law Practice Management, we have, and we set high expectations of ourselves and for the industry. Our challenge is to keep the Conference content thought provoking and content that cannot be found at other legal industry conferences. The diversity of thought, natural curiosity and creativity of the Fellows thrives on experiences that are unique and innovative. 

While we have experienced changes in the legal ecosystem in the last five years, we are still in the "hype" stage of the real work that lies ahead for the legal industry to remake itself. No one knows this better than the people in this organization. But who is leading this change? Can the people of this organization be a catalyst for creating win/win opportunities for lawyers and those in need of legal services, be they individuals who struggle to access legal services or the needs of the largest corporations? 

With a room full of many different stakeholders of this industry, we will work collaboratively in small discussion groups to envision solutions that can accelerate the pace of change in the industry. These opportunities might include things such as changing regulations, creating new KPIs, reimagining how our existing data can be used to #makelawbetter, creating "a movement," etc. Together, let's move from "Why" to "How"! 

Futures Conference:
How You Can Participate

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Professional Achievements

  • Oz Benamram is joining Simpson Thatcher as its Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer. [2020.02.17]
  • Bryn Bowen is now the Principal Consultant at Greenheart Consulting, LLC. [2020.01.21]
  • Aileen Leventon is now at LegalShift, LLC as a Senior Advisory & Consultant. [2020.01.21]
  • Kevin Colangelo is now Principal and Business Designer at Bold Duck Studio. [2020.01.15]
  • Lorri T. Salyards, CLM, was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Denver-based Lawyers Associated Worldwide. [2020.01.01]

Have you recently received a promotion, degree, new credential, or professional recognition award? Let the College Administrator know so we can help spread the news about your achievement to other Fellows.  

 In Memoriam

This year we are proud to recognize two InnovAction Award-winning entries: Siskind Susser, PC, headquartered in Memphis, TN and Suffolk University Law School, located in Boston, MA. The awards were presented Friday, October 25, at a special lunch session during the 2019 Futures Conference.

The College extends its thanks and appreciation to the 2019 judges and sponsors.