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Professional Achievements 

  • Oz Benamram joined Simpson Thatcher as its Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer. [2020.03.09]
  • Bryn Bowen is now the Principal Consultant at Greenheart Consulting, LLC. [2020.01.21]
  • Aileen Leventon is now at LegalShift, LLC as a Senior Advisory & Consultant. [2020.01.21]
  • Kevin Colangelo is now Principal and Business Designer at Bold Duck Studio. [2020.01.15]
  • Lorri T. Salyards, CLM, was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Denver-based Lawyers Associated Worldwide. [2020.01.01]

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In Memoriam

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Litigation, ADR, ODR—The Next Normal?

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments by phone. Trials and grand jury proceedings are happening in Zoom-land. More disputes are being resolved online than ever. Judges are presiding from home and in sneakers. Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” We have known for years that dispute resolution is too hard, too slow, and too expensive, even for prosperous participants. For everyone else, the burdens are always tedious and often unjust.

Pressured by the pandemic, we’re retooling rapidly. Is this all temporary? Or is it a sea change—no going back?

Our panel:

  • Jordan Furlong (COLPM Fellow), moderator—author, speaker, analyst, forecaster at Law 21.
  • Nicole Nehama Auerbach (COLPM Fellow)—litigator, co-founder of pioneering law firms Valorem Law and ElevateNext.
  • Sohail Mohammed—electrical engineer, New Jersey Superior Court Judge, court innovator and teacher.
  • Darin Thompson—lawyer, teacher, knowledge engineer for the Civil Resolution Tribunal, British Columbia.


Need an Outlet for Stress & Anxiety?

With many of us stuck at home and drowning in anxiety, recent COLPM inductee and Master Fitness Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Darryl Cross, is making an app he developed for lawyers and business leaders in our industry available to Fellows and their organizations at no cost. Click here for more information, to download the app, access all the free workouts, and connect with each other to share your experiences with the program. All this can be done at home with little to minimal equipment required.