Innovation Judging Criteria

  • Originality. Is this a novel idea or approach, or a new twist on an existing idea or approach? Novel does not mean “new to your firm.” The focus is on change in the legal services industry.
  • Disruption. Does this entry change an important element or established practice of the legal services process for the better, and marketplace expectations along with it?
  • Value. Is the client and/or legal industry better off because of this entry, in terms of the affordability, ease, relevance, or effect of legal services? It is important to identify the client. Is it law departments? Clients generally or a subset of clients? Law firms? Lawyers generally? Others?
  • Effectiveness. Has this entry delivered real, demonstrable, or measurable benefits, for the provider, its clients, or the marketplace generally? The judges are keenly interested in performance metrics. What change or outcome was expected? And importantly, what results were obtained?
  • Time frame. Action must have taken place within no more than three years prior to this entry. Please include dates!

Browse the Hall of Fame to learn more about past InnovAction Award recipients.


Any individual lawyer, law firm, or entity providing legal services to clients anywhere in the world is eligible. More than one entry may be submitted for a single firm or practice so long as they are not duplicative.

Eligibility Period: The program or initiative must have been executed either in part or full between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021. The initiative can still be ongoing after your entry has been submitted. All entries and supporting documents are subject to verification. Once submitted, entries become the property of the College of Law Practice Management and will not be returned. All entrants must be willing for their entries to be the subject of articles published in legal and business media. All entrants must be available for interviews and provide requested information in connection with verification of entries to the College of Law Practice Management. Only entries submitted in accordance with these instructions will be considered. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any entries that do not comply with these instructions, including maximum word counts. If submissions are not deemed significantly innovative, the College also reserves the right not to present an award.

Organizations employing members of the Board of Trustees of the College of Law Practice Management or members of the InnovAction Awards Judges are ineligible for consideration.