InnovActor Judging Criteria

  • Accomplishment. To what degree are the innovator's contributions bold and extraordinary? How much value was added to the industry as a whole as a result of the innovator's efforts? 
  • Impact. How significantly did the innovator's contributions change the legal ecosystem? How sustainable are the contributions? How likely is it that the innovator and these contributions have inspired, and will continue to inspire, others to develop future enhancements that benefit the profession? 
  • Assessment. How unique and effective was the process the innovator used to implement his/her initiative? Once executed, to what degree was success achieved in addressing the "lessons learned" (e.g., mistakes, potholes and roadblocks) encountered along the way? How likely is it that resulting modifications will lead to a forward thrust of future changes in the industry?
  • Contribution. What level of influence did the innovator's creativity and ingenuity contribute to the legal industry? For example, were articles written in professional or scholarly journals in order to share knowledge outside the innovator's organization? Did the innovator teach or lecture throughout the legal ecosystem to inspire future industry improvements? To what degree did the innovator mentor others who have themselves become innovators?


Anyone can nominate anyone, meaning self-nominations are allowed. The celebration of innovators is based on many things, but in general, sustained innovation is more valuable than a single innovation (though there may be exceptions). There are no time limits. The value is in the degree of impact and open exchanges of ideas.

All entries and supporting documents are subject to verification. Once submitted, entries become the property of the College of Law Practice Management and will not be returned. All entrants must be willing for their entries to be the subject of articles published in legal and business media. All entrants must be available for interviews and provide requested information in connection with verification of entries to the College of Law Practice Management. Only entries submitted in accordance with these instructions will be considered. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any and all entries that do not comply with these instructions. If submissions are not deemed significantly innovative, the College also reserves the right not to present an award. 

Individuals working at organizations employing members of the Board of Trustees of the College of Law Practice Management or members of the InnovAction Award Selection Committee are ineligible for consideration.